Which Content Medium Should I Focus On first?

Question: Which content medium should I focus on first?

This is a very good question, which I get asked quite a bit.

My expertise isn’t in content marketing, however, in my opinion, as of February 2016, I believe that ‘long form’ written articles are a great starting place for businesses to starting out in content production.

The main reasons for recommending long-form written content over graphics, audio and video include:

  • Long-form content (500+ word articles) is quickly index-able by search engines, which makes your website/service/product easier for users to find.
  • It is easier to manipulate the SEO around written content so that search engines (in particular Google) view the content as being high in value and therefore can rank your article higher in search results faster than other formats.
  • Once you have solid written article filled with great points, it’s easy to then pull key messages from it and spin it into other formats.

I hope this advice