What Ingredients Make Up A Successful Project Scope?

Summary from original audio:

What ingredients make up a successful project scope?

To provide context, I classify the success of a project based on it being delivered on time and within budget. In my experience the most successful projects have started with robust scoping documents.

A scoping document is a project summary which details specifics of a project and is generally provided to digital partners so they can get an accurate understanding of your project and therefore more accurately quote and plot delivery time lines.

In my humble opinion, a robust scoping document should define details under the following section headings:

  • Purpose & Objectives
  • Goals & Milestones
  • Desired Functionality
  • Desired Aesthetics (Look/Feel)
  • Desired User Experience (User Journey)
  • Highlighted whether certain items are negotiable/non-negotiable

Including these sections will provide you with a solid framework to flesh out your project’s details and will allow you to more clearly communicate your requirements to service providers, so that the project can be more accurately costed and timelined.


How A Robust Project Scope Will Save You Time & Money:

Having a well thought through digital project scope allow provides your digital service providers (designers/developers) to have a clear understanding of what your

This will enable these providers to ask you questions which will provide further details and they will provide un-thought of suggestions which will improve execution.

Once they have this additional information, they can then accurately quote your project and the likelihood of oversights of requirements are significantly reduced.

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