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Quick Tip: Visual Composer For WordPress Is A Must Have!

Summary From Original Video:

Visual Composer For WordPress is a paid add-on (aka plugin) for the WordPress content management system – which provides an incredible volume of control over the layout and formatting of web pages & posts.

I’ve been tracking the progress of ‘Visual Composer’ (VC) for over a year now and it’s function set & reliability is finally at a point where I feel extremely comfortable recommending it to people.

This tool is super simple to install and will save a tremendous amount of time and money for you, as it makes managing content and page layouts simple and straight forward.

Visual Composer is one of the best WordPress plugins I’ve come across in recent times and I predict that it’s going to upset a lot of web developers who currently get paid to manage the content for businesses.

As of today’s date (9th February 2016 – Happy Birthday Mum!!) Visual Composer version 4.10 is available.

Full Disclosure: I have NOT been paid or compensated for recommending this product.

How Visual Composer Can Save You Time & Money:

Visual Composer For WordPress makes it simple for people with little-to-no knowledge of coding to configure their WordPress page/post content layouts/styling via an intuitive click-and-drag interface.

Due to its ease-of-use, VC will in many cases eliminate the need for businesses to seek paid assistance from a web developer to make manual changes to the website’s page/post code. Also, when you want quick changes/updates made to your site, you or one of your team members can jump on and make the changes yourself




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