Quick Tip: Online Advertising Advice

Summary from original video:

A friend of mine, has a newish business and accompanying website, and he asked me for some guidance in relation to how he should approach advertising his services online.

My recommendation is to always speak to a digital marketing expert (even if you don’t plan on purchasing services) before experimenting with paid advertising systems yourself. When speaking with these professionals you’re very likely to pick up a lot of free golden tips which you can implement to save time and money instead of finding out the hard way through trial and error.

If you’re looking to utilise a digital marketing agency to handle advertising on your behalf and manage your spend, I’d recommending meeting with at least 3 providers before putting money down.

In each meeting, I’d suggest focusing your conversation around the following 3:

  • Emphasis your desire for Return On Investment (commonly referred to as ROI)
  • Ask them how they will identify your customer base online and reach them via paid advertising.
  • Ask them which non-advertising tools they would suggest using to make a connection with your audience. (Do they have any relevant case studies for you to read?)

Additional information:

Two highly regarded paid online advertising platforms are:

Google Adwords

Facebook For Business

Both tools are very powerful and enable businesses to advertise to an abundant geographical and demo-graphical segments.

There are many many many other paid advertising platforms out there, however, these are two which I’ve personally used and have had various levels of success with.

Also, don’t only focus on paid advertising platforms, creating content and distributing it via the right mediums can have just as good an effect (if not greater effect) than paid platforms.

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