Quick Tip: Little Change Requests Might Not Be So Simple

Quick Tip: Little Change Requests Might Not Be So Simple

It’s normal to want some changes/adjustments made to a website or application during the design and development phases, as things look and operate differently when they’re out of your head and in a live environment. (So don’t be afraid to ask your designer/developer/consultant!)

To provide some context, when I’m asked by clients for changes, they’re typically in relation to one of the following four areas:

  • Aesthetics
  • Content Layouts
  • User Experience/Journey
  • Functionality

While it is normal to want and request changes, it is important to keep in mind that something which you think to be an easy change, may in fact not be so straightforward – you’d be surprised how many website/application items, when changed can have a domino effect on other unforeseen elements.

For this reason, keep in mind, the time it takes to implement the change(s) may impact the original delivery timeframe of your project and may potentially attract additional expense.

Additional Tip:

During the quoting stage of your project, ask that your supplier to include an optional section for change requests or to highlight whether they will include X number of free changes  (Thorough solutions providers will build this into your quote automatically)