Quick Tip: Don’t Sit On Quotes From Your Digital Designers, Developers & Consultants

Summary from original video:

Once you have quotes from your chosen consultants/designers/developers don’t lose momentum and take weeks or months to sign off on them!

Make it a priority to decide whether to proceed or to shelve the project.

The digital space is on fire right now (everyone is seemingly doing a web or app project) and chances are most service providers aren’t sitting around waiting for you to call. It’s common these days for project commencement dates to be delayed when it takes an extended period of time for quotes to be approved.

The main culprit for these delays is clashing of project schedules.¬†Personally, I’ve had to turn down a number of exciting projects in the past twelve months (which I really wanted to do) , all due to clashes with other project schedules.

Just keep in mind, “First in best dressed” seems to be the way many digital service providers are working these days ¬†– Perhaps digital people are the 21st century tradesmen?

How will this save you time and money?

Making quick decisions will prevent you from facing possible commencement delays on your project, meaning that your project won’t be delayed hitting the market and lost income.

The process of finding another suitable provider can also take additional time and money.

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