Quick Tip: Don’t Let Content Population Delay The Launch Of Your Project

Quick Tip: Don’t Let Content Population Delay The Launch Of Your Project

The content population phase of a digital project is normally executed right before the project is sent live, the process typically involves populating the website with final text, image and video content.

In my experience, it is scarily common for website/platform/application launches to be delayed for an extended period of time during the ‘content population’ phase.
This delay is regularly attributed to one by the following:

  • The business’ project lead take a long time to produce and provide the content.
  • The content creation partner takes longer than expected to finalise the content.
  • The business takes a long time to review and sign-off the content created by the content creation partner.

Be wary of these common pitfalls as they’re a sure-fire way to delay the launch of a project, and can potentially result in a lose of time and money.

It can be a daunting task trying to collate or create content in large quantities within a short period of time, so my advice to ensure your content is ready around the same time as its needed for the content population phase is to:

  • Assemble a content creation schedule¬†which runs along-side the project’s development schedule.
  • Ensure your business’ project lead or your content partner abides by this schedule.

Grinding away at the content creation whilst the project is in development is an optimal way to ensure you have the bulk of the content ready when its needed.

Key Messages:

  • Be aware that content creation can be time intensive
  • Chip away at the
  • Use a content creation schedule to
  • Don’t procrastinate!